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Mr. Hernandez's Classroom: Science Centers

Mr. Hernandez teaches 3rd through 5th graders in Miramar, FL, at a school where more than 75% of the students come from low income households. 

I donated to his project to buy science kits for his 5th graders about Earth and space science, the human body, and electricity.

As Mr. Hernandez said, "These Science centers materials will help my students gain the necessary practice and skills that working professionals in the Scientific community must have in order to innovate, these include inquiry and investigation, critical thinking, and collaboration."

Science is a unique subject to teach, because it requires so many (costly) materials to do it well. There are workarounds, sure, but to grasp many concepts, students need to do experiments and see things for themselves, in addition to reading about them. I remember how hard it was to get materials when I was teaching, so I'm glad I can help teachers like Mr. Hernandez get the tools he needs to get kids interested in science. 

See his Donors Choose page.


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