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Mrs. Romanowski's Classroom: The Next Trip to Infinity!

At Hillside Elementary School in Harrison, MI, getting technology into students' hands is tough. This low income school only has one computer lab to serve 12 different classes, and the students have to crowd around the computers because there aren't enough to go around. 

With our help, Mrs. Romanowski from Harrison, MI, acquired a set of laptops for her students, so each of her fifth graders can use one at a time. This is going to be amazing for their education, and it will open up learning opportunities. 

I remember how difficult it was when I was a teacher (nearly 10 years ago, my goodness) to get the laptop cart in my classroom. It was in very high demand, and it wasn't always dependable, so the logistics of planning a lesson around it were challenging to say the least. I'm so glad that Mrs. Romanowski will have a set of computers for her students. This way she can plan all sorts of different lessons for them, without having to worry that they might not have the technology they need!

See her Donors Choose page. 

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